A clip of a guest falling off his chair on Laura Ingraham’s show caught some social media users on Friday after it was tweeted without context.

The 19-second video showed Ingraham and Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo opening bottles of beer and trying to take a selfie while still filming “The Ingraham Angle.”

“Smile,” Arroyo tells Ingraham, holding up his arm to take a photo. “Do we have it?”

Arroyo then fell out of his chair onto the floor. Ingraham made a quick pivot to the next segment, declining to acknowledge what had just occurred.

“Oh, the ACLU used to care about the rights of accused…” she said, before interjecting “check on him please, medic!”

In the previous segment, Arroyo had been talking about people who die while taking selfies in risky situations. That context was not included in the viral clip, making the incident appear unscripted.

“I’m going to watch this an absurd number of times,” former Obama aide Jon Favreau tweeted.

“I can’t stop watching this,” comedian James Corden said.

“THIS is important,” actor Seth Rogen wrote.

Ingraham tweeted after the show that the fall was a joke.