Rep. Adam Kinzinger teased how he and fellow members of the Jan. 6 committee "know some things" about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

During an appearance Sunday on CBS News's Face the Nation, the Illinois Republican reacted to leaked text messages released by CNN in which Greene spoke to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows about some members pushing for martial law, and her lawyer in a lawsuit to get her off the 2022 ballot insisting the congresswoman was a "victim" of the Capitol riot.

"We know some things," Kinzinger said. "I won't confirm or deny the text messages, of course. But let me just say this for Marjorie Taylor Greene: To say she's a victim, it's amazing how, you know, folks like her attack everybody for being a victim. I mean, she assaulted, I think, a survivor's family from a school shooting at some point in D.C. She stood outside a congresswoman's office and yelled at her through a mail slot, and said she was too scared to come out and confront her. And then, when Marjorie Taylor Greene is confronted, she's all of a sudden a victim and a poor, helpless congresswoman that's just trying to do her job. It's insane."


"We want the information," Kinzinger added. "Look, history is not going to judge her or people like her that are buying the big lie well. I firmly believe that."

Kinzinger said that he hoped certain members of Congress would be willing to speak to the committee but did not name anyone specifically. He also expressed hope that former Vice President Mike Pence would appear before the panel "voluntarily."


A lawyer for Greene, a Georgia Republican, said the congressman has "no recollection" of the text about martial law and has no means of verifying its authenticity.

When asked whether she pushed former President Donald Trump to declare martial law during her public testimony in the case last week, Greene replied, "I don't recall," a retort she deployed frequently throughout the hearing.