White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Monday that President Trump is the most transparent president seen in the modern era, a title former President Barack Obama aspired to when he was in office.

"This is the most transparent, accountable president perhaps we've ever seen, definitely in modern times," Conway said on Fox News.

"He doesn't fear the media," she added. "He uses the media as a platform, one of many platforms, on which to communicate his message."

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Before Trump succeeded him, Obama said his administration was the most transparent in history, although even papers like the Washington Post said Obama's government became one of the "most secretive" ever seen.

Conway said Trump is the most transparent president because he is so accessible to the press and to the public, and lately has held several rallies and given several interviews as the midterm elections approach. She spoke just hours after a new interview with Trump was aired on "60 Minutes."

"He knows it was an excellent interview because he got to express directly to the American people, without the middleman, the way he does on his social media platforms, the way he does in his increasing print and TV interviews, the pool sprays you see out on the south lawn, the rallies, three or four or five rallies a week now," she said.