Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway has removed her White House title from her Twitter bio, leaving her profile blank.

It’s uncertain why the title was removed from Conway’s account, and the White House declined to comment on the record to the Washington Examiner. In a Fox News appearance later Tuesday evening, Conway was introduced by anchor Bret Baier as "counselor to the president," her usual job title.

Earlier this month, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a complaint with the Office of Special Counsel for potential violations of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from using their office to campaign for or against political candidates.

As a result, CREW requested the Office of Special Counsel investigate whether Conway violated the Hatch Act by using her official government Twitter account “to promote the Republican Party and to post an image of President Trump’s campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again.’”

The group is also interested if comments made during a Fox News interview about how voters for “red-state Democrats” are not in favor of the “socialist way the Democratic party is going” violated the Hatch Act.

“By sharing these posts on a Twitter account that Ms. Conway uses for official government business and giving a television interview from the grounds of the White House that mixed official government business with political views about partisan candidates only weeks before their elections, she engaged in political activity prohibited by law,” the complaint reads.

Donald Sherman, deputy director for CREW, said he wasn't certain if there is a correlation between Conway removing her title and the complaint, but said the move was a small "positive step." He did acknowledge that omitting her title "doesn't solve the problem" though.

“But either way, I think it is a small step in the right direction," Sherman told the Washington Examiner. "Whether it’s been ethics violations of ethics rules or the Hatch Act, Ms. Conway in particular has stepped over the line and has not been held accountable for her actions.”

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The Office of Special Counsel determined in March that Conway violated the Hatch Act on two occasions. The president generally oversees Hatch Act violations, which can result in punishments such as an official reprimand, a civil penalty of up to $1,000, or other punishments.

Sherman noted that the White House came to the defense of Conway for her past Hatch Act violations. The White House said in a statement at the time that “Conway did not advocate for or against the election of any particular candidate.”

“It seems clear from those statements that there has not been any accountability,” Sherman said.

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