Rep. Keith Ellison, Democratic candidate for attorney general in Minnesota, is trying to divert scrutiny surrounding his domestic assault allegations by pointing instead to all the claims against President Trump.

“I believe it is wrong to politicize a tragic situation like this,” the Minnesota congressman said during a locally-televised debate on Sunday night. “Particularly when many of the people weaponizing these allegations have failed to bring it up in other critical situations.

“For example, President Trump has been credibly accused 19 times, once on tape. Yet the people who continue to weaponize these allegations have failed to mention that at all,” Ellison said.

Ellison was referring to the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape that surfaced one month before the 2016 presidential election, in which Trump can be heard bragging about groping women.

In August, Ellison’s ex-girlfriend accused him of mental and physical abuse. This month, an attorney with ties to the Minnesota Democratic Party released a 15-page report showing an investigation concluded the woman’s claims could not be substantiated.

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“This is just a tactic to divert from the critical issues in this particular race,” Ellison said as he denied the allegations.

Republican Doug Wardlow, Ellison’s opponent, responded by saying “President Trump is not on the ballot here. There is overwhelming evidence to support these allegations.”