Rep. Keith Ellison’s divorce records contain no evidence that the Minnesota Democrat was abusive toward his ex-wife, but it does include allegations that she was abusive toward him during their 25-year marriage.

The records were unsealed Wednesday after the Star Tribune and right-leaning news and opinion site Alpha News sued last month for access to them. The outlets argued that the records were a matter of public interest amid allegations that Ellison was physically abusive toward his ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan.

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Ellison, who is running for Minnesota attorney general, and his ex-wife, Kim Ellison, sought to keep the records private, saying it would violate their family’s privacy.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled against the Ellisons on Tuesday.

The former couple’s divorce proceedings began in 2010, but the congressman alleged in 2015 that Kim Ellison “hit me too many times to mention” while they were married, according to the Associated Press. He also alleged she once bit his arm and threatened to stab him.

Ellison made the allegations as his ex-wife sought additional spousal support and and claimed he had failed to provide her health insurance, as they had agreed.

“The Respondent constantly blamed her physical abuse of me on her depression and MS, but would always do it again,” Ellison said in the court filing. “Finally, I had to leave the marriage.”

“I never hit or assaulted the Respondent, although I am physically larger, quicker, and stronger than she is,” he said.

Just days before the Minnesota primary, Monahan accused Ellison of dragging her off a bed at his home in 2016. Ellison has denied doing so.