Entertainer and President Trump supporter Kanye West agreed early Friday morning that Elle Magazine’s hoax article to lure people into registering to vote was directed at people that shouldn’t be voting.

West weighed in on the matter in a Twitter exchange with journalist Peter Hasson.

“Just wanna go on the record as hating this. If someone has to trick you with celebrity clickbait to get you to register to vote, maybe you shouldn't be voting,” said Hasson, a reporter who has written for multiple right-leaning outlets, such as the Daily Caller and the Daily Signal.

“I agree," West responded.

Elle Magazine posted on its Twitter account Thursday a link in which it teased that celebrity couple West and his wife Kim Kardashian West had split up.

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But the article wasn't real. Instead of linking to an article, the page redirected to a webpage that encouraged people to vote in the 2018 midterm elections and helped them register.

The webpage included no mention of the celebrity couple.

Elle received a lot of backlash from its post and ultimately deleted the tweet.

West met with Trump earlier this month in the Oval Office.