Sen. Kamala Harris says she's not "bullshitting" when she insists she's not focused on 2020.

The California Democrat, in Wisconsin on Sunday to help campaign for fellow Democrats, brushed off talk about what the 2018 midterm elections might teach Democrats for when they seek to challenge Trump in two years,

"I'm not bullshiting you," she said, according to CNN's Dan Merica. She then reportedly turned to nearby student journalists to say, "Excuse my language."

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"I don’t know what this all means for 2020. It's really is far off," she added.

Harris is considered a top contender to vie for the Democratic nomination in a presidential election cycle that will effectively begin next year. However, so far she has only teased interest in a run.

Harris did concede that she was witnessing a more engaged base for Democrats that she hopes will feed into 2020 enthusiasm, according to Merica.

"We have seen people decide that they are going to take the reins and they are going to be leaders," she said.