Julian Assange has some chores to do if he wants his Internet privileges back.

The WikiLeaks founder, who has been holed up at Ecuador’s embassy in London since 2012, has been ordered by the Ecuadorian government to steer clear of any and all political issues.

In addition, Fox News reports Assange needs to keep the bathroom he uses at the embassy clean and take care of his cat, according to a memo on the Ecuadorean website Codigo Vidrio.

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Earlier this year, the Ecuadorian embassy restricted Assange’s Internet access after government officials said several of his posts put relations between them and other European nations “at risk.”

Assange has stayed in Ecuador’s embassy in London since 2012, avoiding extradition to Sweden where authorities wanted to question him over allegations of sexual assault and rape. Sweden has since dropped the investigation, but Assange has remained in the embassy, fearing the U.S. would seek to arrest and extradite him over WikiLeaks’ release of classified documents.