Journalist Mark Halperin, who was accused of sexually harassing several women, weighed in on the allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday.

“I think this is a bit of a distraction. As serious as the charges are, and then as important as this debate is, I think Joe Biden is, despite his standing in the polls, is an extremely overrated candidate,” said the author and former MSNBC analyst, when asked about Joe Biden’s alleged inappropriate touching.

At least eight women have accused the former vice president of unwanted touching.

Halperin acknowledged that some people likely did not want to hear his opinion on the topic, given his history. Halperin was fired from his television gigs and book project in 2017 amid accusations of sexual misconduct during his time at ABC News.

He apologized for his past behavior in an interview on Sirius XM and said he has since had hundreds of conversations with women who have been harassed “to really understand why it’s so painful.”

“I know that I’ve grown in my understanding of all this, I know I need to continue to grow, I wasn’t a perfect person when I made these mistakes, I’m not a perfect person now, I’m happy to be judged by perfect people,” he said.