White House chief of staff John Kelly reportedly attempted to pin former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski against a wall outside the Oval Office in February, prompting Secret Service to address the situation.

The altercation occurred after Kelly criticized Lewandowski as they both met with President Trump in the Oval Office, the New York Times reports. Kelly accused Lewandowski of using Trump to make money after joining a pro-Trump super PAC and chided Lewandowski for comments he made about himself on television.

The two left the Oval Office after Trump took a phone call, and Kelly asked someone to escort Lewandowski out of the building as he headed back to his office. The men then started to quarrel, with Lewandowski raising his voice.

Kelly then seized the collar of Lewandowski’s shirt and attempted to press Lewandowski against a wall, a source with direct knowledge of the incident told the New York Times. Secret Service agents arrived at the scene. Lewandowski didn’t take physical action against Kelly, and the men decided they would drop the dispute.

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The White House declined to provide comment to the Times. Lewandowski did not respond to a request for comment from the Times.

The newly revealed incident is just the latest report on Kelly's combative personality. Last week, for instance, Kelly exchanged expletives with national security adviser John Bolton during an argument about how to address the increase in border crossings.

Although there has been speculation about how long Kelly will serve as Trump’s chief of staff, Kelly said during the summer that Trump requested he remain at his post until 2020. Meanwhile, the Times reports that Trump has been doubtful Kelly will stay that long.

Kelly joined the White House last summer, replacing outgoing White House chief of staff Reince Preibus. He previously served as the head of the Department of Homeland Security.