MSNBC host Joe Scarborough suggested President Trump's anti-CNN rhetoric may be responsible for an apparent bomb threat the network faced on Wednesday.

Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter and a White House adviser, said in a tweet that she "strongly" condemned the suspicious package delivered to CNN's New York headquarters that day. She said the same of similar packages sent to Hillary Clinton in New York and former President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C.

Scarborough replied to the tweet, "Do you strongly condemn your father using the presidential bully pulpit and years of campaign rallies to constantly stir up hatred against CNN, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?"

The CNN package reportedly addressed specifically to John Brennan, an MSNBC/NBC contributor and former CIA director, who has also been frequently critical of Trump.

CNN's New York office in Manhattan was evacuated and authorities removed the device for potential detonation at a different location.

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