A Democrat running against Rep. Jim Jordan in Ohio's 4th congressional district is portraying Jordan as a puppet in a series of campaign ads.

Janet Garrett is running for the third time against Jordan in the heavy Republican district, where Jordan is expected to win by double digits.

Garrett's new ads portray Jordan as a short, jacketless puppet who's afraid to debate Garrett, and who complaints about the #MeToo movement, asking, "Why do we always have to talk about girls?"

Another ad has Jordan hiding behind the podium, which plays up his decision not to debate her.

A third ad shows the puppet bashing a Garrett sign with a tire iron.

"This race is getting too gosh-darned close," the puppet says. "I might even lose this thing."

Garret's campaign said "Puppet Jim" was created because he refused to debate. "I'm tired of waiting for Jim to show up, so we're taking matters into our own hands," her site said.