Convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein reportedly used a bedsheet to hang himself in his jail cell over the weekend.

Epstein had apparently killed himself by kneeling toward the floor and strangling himself with the bedsheet, a law enforcement source told the New York Post. Epstein had attempted to commit suicide a few weeks prior to his death.

In a statement released by the Bureau of Prisons, his body was found early Saturday morning and the guards attempted life-saving measures. He was taken to the prison infirmary and was then brought to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The New York City medical examiner's office completed the autopsy on Epstein's body Sunday but has not released the official cause of death to the public.

A statement released by Dr. Barbara Sampson, New York City’s chief medical examiner, said the the final determination is "pending further information at this time."

The office told the Washington Examiner that no further information is expected to be released Monday.

Attorney General William Barr announced on Saturday that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz launched an investigation into the circumstances of the accused child sex trafficker’s death.