An Iowa man borrowed several children’s books from Orange City Public Library to publicly burn them Friday.

Paul Dorr started a live video on Facebook about an hour before the second annual Orange City Pride kicked off, and the video showed him tossing at least four books with LGBTQ themes into a trash can fire.

In the almost 30-minute video, Dorr, who said he obtained the books from the library, claimed to be carrying out these actions for Christians throughout Northwest Iowa and the U.S.

Dorr is the director of Rescue The Perishing, a group he says is a “crisis center and pro-life, pro-family movement.”

The Orange City Public Library’s director Amanda Vazquez said she was alerted to the video over the weekend.

The police chief confirmed that the library’s board spoke with authorities to determine “next steps,” and the parties are discussing legal action, the Des Moines Register reported.

A petition with more than 340 signatures circulated in Orange City earlier this year, and demanded any books with LGBTQ content be put in a different area than other books and be labeled as having these themes.

Dorr also brought four children, two girls and two boys, into the video frame at the end of the video and said he believes they would rather see a pretty dress burned rather than have a boy wear it. He then proceeded to throw the dress into the fire as well.