Instagram removed a post by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos on Thursday after he joked in a caption that the pipe bombs sent to public figures this week should have exploded.

“Just catching up with news of all these pipe bombs,” he wrote of the bombs delivered to liberal leaders, including former President Barack Obama, the Clintons, and former Vice President Joe Biden, over the past two days. “Disgusting and sad (that they didn’t go off, and the daily beast didn’t get one).”

After the Daily Beast ran an article about Instagram's decision to leave the post up, Yiannopoulos posted a screenshot of the article on Instagram, calling his first post “a joke — about a false flag designed to distract us from the democrat funded and organized illegal migrant caravan.”

The Daily Beast reported that Instagram said the post “does not violate our Community Guidelines.”

Then, according to The Verge, Instagram reversed itself. Yiannopoulos posted a photo of the social media site’s message, which said Instagram removed the post because it didn’t follow its community guidelines. “We want to keep Instagram a safe place for everyone, and we created these guidelines to support and protect our community on Instagram,” the message read.

Yiannopoulos captioned the photo: “It doesn’t matter whether your post violates their terms of service or not—only whether enough social justice warriors complain about it. Mob rule.”