Rapper Ice-T wants to know why President Trump had lunch with Kanye West last week while parts of the country were dealing with the devastation brought on by a Category 4 hurricane.

"Let's put it this way," Ice-T, whose real name is Tracy Marrow, told TMZ when stopped in New York City by reporters from the gossip website. "There's a hurricane, right? There's people in danger. It's a serious issue. Why the fuck you meeting with a rat?"

Ice-T, a star of NBC's "Law & Order" franchise and vocal critic of Trump, said there was "no way in God's earth" he would emulate West and visit the White House to see the president.

"I don't see the sense in talking to someone who you obviously can't change their mind, who obviously already has their opinion about us, you know, being the black community or whatever," he said. I don't see any use in it."

"Trump will take advantage of you," he continued. "He'll use you. He'll use you for his photo op. You'll put on his hat for a minute, throw it to the side and he's back to his bullshit."

West gave a 10-minute, expletive-ridden rant Thursday while a guest in the Oval Office before the pair had lunch. At one point during the monologue, West — a Trump supporter — described himself as a "mother-fucker." He also likened Trump's hallmark "Make America Great Again" hats to a "Superman cape.”

One day earlier Florida was struck by the record-breaking Hurricane Michael. The weather event has so far killed 18 people, with another victim found in Virginia on Saturday.