Actress Amber Heard's friend Elizabeth Marz claimed to be frightened of Heard's then-partner Johnny Depp during Depp's $50 million defamation suit against Heard.

"Personally, I was scared of him," Marz said during her deposition shown in court Wednesday.

Marz claimed she was with Heard in the penthouse suite she shared with Depp when, on one occasion, he burst through the door "wasted" and waving a large bottle of wine.


"What he mumbled was 'Get your b**** out of here,'" Marz said of Depp's immediate reaction to seeing her with Heard. "It felt more combative than sloppy. ... It was completely the way he entered into the room — rushed in, his energy. ... It was scary. My heart was beating really quickly, and I freaked out."

Heard was seen smirking at Marz's characterization of Depp's behavior that night.

"I didn't witness firsthand Johnny abusing Amber," Marz went on to say.

Heard's makeup artist, Melanie Inglessis, had her deposition shown next. She also testified to seeing injuries to Heard's face before she covered it up with makeup for a television appearance.

Inglessis testified that Heard confided in her about the abuse and her struggle to decide to divorce him or not. The makeup artist became visibly emotional during the deposition.

In January 2021, Inglessis stopped seeing Heard as a client, telling her she "wished her the best."

Then, Heard's acting coach, Kristy Sexton, had her deposition shown in court. Sexton claimed that the roles Heard auditioned for changed after she started seeing Depp. There were even instances in which Heard went long stints not auditioning at all.

"Eighty [percent] to 90% of our sessions began with her crying," Sexton said. "Ironically, she has a little bit of trouble crying, actingwise."

Sexton would go on to testify that Heard is not a "method actor" but would often appear for acting lessons visibly emotional promptly after a loud fight with Depp.

During Heard's 30th birthday party, Sexton confirmed earlier testimony from Whitney Heard Henriquez that he showed up late and drunk. While everyone went around the room to share positive characteristics about Heard, Depp went off on a tangent about her "perfect ass," which both Sexton and Henriquez testified made Heard noticeably uncomfortable.

In another moment, Sexton claimed to have seen Depp "come at" Heard, only to have his bodyguards get in the way. Otherwise, she'd never seen him be violent toward her.

When it came to the night that Depp lost part of his middle finger, Heard told Sexton that he'd hurt himself with a broken bottle. Heard testified earlier that he'd injured his finger while bashing in a wall-mounted phone.

News articles surrounding Depp's defamation suit against Heard saw a high amount of interaction on social media between April 4 to May 16, according to data gathered by NewsWhip, with per-article interactions outnumbering the interactions for articles about Elon Musk and President Joe Biden. Coverage for the trial receives more social interactions than abortion, the war in Ukraine, inflation, and COVID-19 combined.


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