So far, 17 people have died from Hurricane Michael, the storm that devastated several states earlier this week.

But local and federal officials cautioned that the death toll is likely to climb as rescue workers sift through damage.

Five of the deaths were in Virginia, and eight were in Florida. Another three people died in North Carolina, and a child in Georgia was killed by the storm, according to CNN.

Federal officials said that the death toll is expected to increase.

Officials are still combing through devastation in Mexico Beach, Fla., one of the locations hardest hit by the Category 4 hurricane, and other areas slammed by the storm.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long told CNN on Friday that the fatality count is expected to “rise today and tomorrow as we get through the debris.”

Other states are also trying to take stock of the damage from the storm, the aftermath of which had more than a million people still out of power late Friday.

Georgia’s Department of Agriculture said on Saturday that the storm destroyed some report 92 chicken houses.