House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democratic lawmakers in a closed-door meeting Wednesday the latest name-calling by Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is “indecent” and “dangerous.”

Pelosi, a California Democrat, stopped short of proposing a House vote to punish Boebert but suggested the party won’t ignore her public comments against Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat.

Boebert, a Colorado Republican who has frequently clashed with Democrats, has come under sharp criticism after a video surfaced from September showing Boebert calling Omar a member of “the Jihad squad” and suggesting she is a terrorist. Omar is a practicing Muslim.


“These people do not respect the House that they serve in,” Pelosi told Democrats Wednesday, not naming Boebert. “We have to make sure that the public understands that we do. And that respect extends to all of the people in our country who send each of us here, whether we agree with their politics or not.”

She added: “There are different views in our Caucus about … what actions to take. It seems to be a regular thing, their disrespect. But, it's also a dangerous thing. It's a dangerous thing. We cannot allow them to endanger members of Congress, especially because of her faith.”

Democrats have already taken historic steps in using their majority vote to punish Republicans for their comments and social media attacks against Democrats.

Last month, they voted to strip Rep. Paul Gosar from both of his committee assignments after Gosar tweeted a doctored anime video in which he is depicted killing Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Party lawmakers removed Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her two committee positions in February after old social media posts surfaced in which she appeared to endorse violent rhetoric aimed at Pelosi and other Democrats.

On Tuesday, Omar held a press conference and played a threatening voicemail she received after Boebert’s video surfaced.

Omar said Republicans aimed at her have provoked "hundreds of threats on my life" that often come from GOP "attacks on my faith."

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, has not publicly criticized Boebert.

McCarthy said he spoke to Boebert about the comments and said she "apologized" for what she said. He noted that Boebert reached out to Omar over the phone earlier this week.

That call ended when Omar hung up on Boebert after the Colorado Republican refused to issue a public apology.

Omar, who has been criticized for posting antisemitic tweets, later called Boebert “a buffoon” on Twitter. She is leading Democrats in calling on McCarthy to punish Boebert.

Democrats fear and dislike Boebert, who frequently clashes with the party.


“To see the supposed people of faith denouncing other people's faith," Pelosi said. "It’s indecent. It’s indecent.”