Christian film editor, director, and producer Tracy Robinson says she was once “apathetic at best” when it came to abortion, not wanting to offend anyone, but that view changed, and it inspired her newest documentary film, The Matter of Life.

Robinson told America First host Sebastian Gorka The Matter of Life details her changing perspective regarding abortion, a journey that began while attending an apologetics conference.

“The clear, concise message of the full humanity of the unborn child really struck me for the first time,” Robinson said. “I was just overwhelmed with the truth, and I essentially downloaded this vision, I like to say, of a feature-length documentary.”

The Matter of Life is set to play in theaters on Monday and Tuesday.

Robinson said she was very close to pulling the premier due to low ticket sales when news hit of the leaked draft of the majority opinion in Dobbs v. Women’s Health Organization, suggesting Roe. v. Wade may be overturned.

The debate surrounding abortion has stirred renewed interest in the film from both anti-abortion and pro-abortion rights groups.

“There is a grassroots effort to cancel the movie in theaters,” Robinson said. “We’re asking people to pre-purchase their tickets to ensure that those theaters don’t buckle under pressure.”


While making the documentary, Robinson said she was struck by how abortion had become a silent part of the Christian church.

“I was really shocked to find that four out of 10 women who had an abortion were churchgoers in the month they became pregnant,” Robinson said. “I realized midway through [production] how disengaged a lot of the American protestant church denominations are in the U.S.”

“So this is an amazing opportunity to really make a difference in our pews, to overturn Roe v. Wade in our own churches and really minister to women, minister to people 40% more,” she continued.

Robinson said she wanted to replicate her journey of discovery and make the documentary's message approachable.

"I love documentaries that peel back the layers versus hammer the information over your head,” Robinson said. “So, I was really passionate about unraveling all of the complexities of abortion and addressing these very common concerns that people legitimately have."


Robinson added that The Matter of Life does not tip-toe around topics such as a woman’s body, concerns over violence during conception, and life circumstances but addresses them with empathy.

“It’s an olive branch to that mushy-middle that I was in, to really shape their worldview on this issue, and, hopefully, get activated,” Robinson said.