A Chicago alderwoman slumped in her seat during a City Council meeting Wednesday, leading Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to pause the meeting for a medical emergency.

Alderwoman Carrie Austin of Chicago's 34th Ward was still sitting in her seat when other people in the room rushed to her side, checking on her and linking arms in an apparent effort to cover her from the camera, as Austin laid her head on the table with her arms folded.

Austin appeared to be conscious when she was transported by an ambulance to a nearby hospital to be checked out, according to reporters on the scene.

Alderwoman Emma Mitts led the council in prayer for Austin before the meeting resumed.

“At times like these, we take life for granted. We don’t know when and where anything can happen to any one of us,” Mitts said.


Austin has faced both legal and health issues in recent years.

She was indicted on bribery charges and accused of lying to the FBI when questioned about the bribes, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Austin allegedly received home improvement bribes from a developer who needed her help when it came to the bureaucracy of the city. However, she has denied the allegations.

In 2015, Austin said she almost died from a tear in her aorta, the main artery that carries blood away from the heart. It left her in a coma for two weeks, and she remained in the hospital for almost a month.

"I’m doing pretty good unless it decides to go the other way. Then, it’ll be instant death," Austin said in remarks about the tear. "But if it happens, I’m ready to see the Lord because I have served him all of my life.”

Last year, Austin was hospitalized with COVID-19.


During Wednesday's council meeting, Austin voted with the council to pay $2.9 million in a settlement with Anjanette Young over a botched police raid on her home, which turned out to be the wrong residence, when she was dragged outside while naked.

Austin is the council's second-longest-serving alderperson, having been on the council for over 30 years. But with redistricting at play, Austin has announced she will retire instead of seeking reelection.