Harry Potter actor Robbie Coltrane came to the defense of author J.K. Rowling, saying critics who accuse her of transphobia “wait around to be offended."

“I don’t think what she said was offensive, really,” Coltrane, who played the character Rubeus Hagrid in the movie series, told the Radio Times. “I don’t know why, but there’s a whole Twitter generation of people who hang around, waiting to be offended. They wouldn’t have won the war, would they?”

“That’s me talking like a grumpy old man, but you just think, ‘Oh, get over yourself. Wise up, stand up straight, and carry on,'” Coltrane said.

Rowling faced a flurry of criticism in June after mocking a tweet that used the phrase “people who menstruate” to describe women.

“People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?” Rowling wrote.

A few days after the tweet, Rowling authored an essay explaining her position on feminism and transgender issues.

“It isn’t enough for women to be trans allies. Women must accept and admit that there is no material difference between trans women and themselves,” Rowling wrote.

“But, as many women have said before me, ‘woman’ is not a costume. ‘Woman’ is not an idea in a man’s head. ‘Woman’ is not a pink brain, a liking for Jimmy Choos or any of the other sexist ideas now somehow touted as progressive,” the author wrote.

Coltrane, however, said that he doesn’t want to jump into the same spotlight as Rowling.

“I don’t want to get involved in all of that because of all the hate mail and all that shit, which I don’t need at my time of life,” Coltrane said.