The campaign to recall Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is trying to exert pressure on a presumptive decision that no gun charges will be filed against two men who ambushed a police officer.

One day after the shooting, Gascon held a press conference to commemorate the two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death and demand accountability by police officers. Gascon announced the filing of criminal charges against 19 officers during the 18 months he has been in power. He made no mention of the ambush shooting the day before.

Los Angeles New DA
George Gascon. (Bryan Chan/County of Los Angeles via AP)

Gascon has had an anti-public safety mandate during his tenure, attacking police officers and filing the minimum charges against violent criminals, disregarding strict state laws that call for harsh punishment, campaign leaders have said.

“If George Gascon follows his announced and reckless policy of not filing gun enhancements where numerous police officers are shot at, that sends a powerful message to criminals that they can even kill a cop without consequences,” said former District Attorney Steve Cooley, who is helping lead the recall.


The campaign said in a statement: “George Gascon is talking out of both sides of his mouth when he calls for stricter gun control laws but refuses to charge gun enhancements. Gascon’s failure to prosecute criminals who are committing acts of gun violence to full the extent of the law is in and of itself enough reason for his immediate removal from office.”

The ambush occurred during the day on Tuesday as a California Highway Patrol officer drove through an East Los Angeles neighborhood and was fired upon by two suspects standing on the sidewalk. As his back windshield shattered, the officer dove for cover and called for backup. Sheriff’s deputies responded, and one suspect was wounded while the other fled, according to City News Service.

"My ears are still ringing from the gunshots," a nearby construction worker said to Fox11 News.

The officer was not injured. An intense manhunt ensued to locate the fleeing gunman, but he apparently got away. No further information has been released about the case, and the District Attorney’s Office said charges have yet to be filed.


This month, Gascon refused to file weapons charges against a man who attacked comedian Dave Chappelle during a performance. The suspect carried a replica gun with a knife attached.

The bipartisan recall effort is currently on track to submit the required number of signatures by July 6. More than 450,000 have been collected of the 566,857 required.