A new revelation will "put to rest" the notion that the deceased won Georgia for Biden.

Investigators in Georgia only found four ballots cast by the deceased in 2020, undermining former President Donald Trump's claim that numerous dead voters cast illegitimate ballots against him.

"There has yet to be proof of enough fraud to overturn the 2020 elections," tweeted Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Monday. We need to look forward, not waste time relitigating the past."


All four cases discovered by the Georgia State Election Board were referred to the state attorney general's office, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

In one case, a 74-year-old widow submitted an absentee ballot for her husband after he died in September 2020.

"He was going to vote Republican, and she said, 'Well, I'm going to cancel your ballot because I'm voting Democrat.' It was kind of a joke between them," Barry Bishop, an attorney representing the widow, told the State Election Board. "She received the absentee ballot and carried out his wishes ... She now realizes that was not the thing to do."

Earlier this year, the State Election Board found evidence that Sherry Cook had submitted a ballot for her husband, who had died months before.

Previously, the Trump campaign cited the vote of James Blalock in Covington, who died in 2006 and voted in 2020. His widow later confirmed that she had voted in his name.

Former President Donald Trump also claimed that there were 5,000 dead voters who sent ballots in Georgia's 2020 election, a claim that Raffensperger contested.

The attorney general's office will now investigate these accusations before penalizing any relevant parties with fines, reports the Journal-Constitution. These fines will range from $100 to $5,000 per violation.