Democratic billionaire George Soros has reportedly told friends about "the damage" cause by President Trump's administration when they bring up the pipe bomb that was sent last week to his residence in New York.

Michael Vachon, political adviser to Soros, says his boss has also tied Trump's hostile rhetoric against his political rivals to Saturday's deadly shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, according to the New York Times.

The report Wednesday focused on how conspiracy theories, some of which are anti-Semitic in nature, about Soros, a Jewish billionaire and political activist who routinely funds Democratic candidates and initiatives, have spread from fringe figures to the mainstream.

One such conspiracy theory claims Soros is funding a caravan of Central American migrants moving toward the U.S.-Mexico border. Asked about it by reporters Wednesday, Trump said he "wouldn’t be surprised" if Soros were paying them.

In an email to the Times, Soros, who is 88 years old and a Holocaust survivor, said Jewish people in the U.S. live in dark times. “I came to this country to find refuge. I am deeply distressed that in America in 2018 Jews are being massacred just because they are Jewish," he said.