Michael Sorrentino will have plenty of time for the gym, but may not be doing much tanning or laundry for the next eight months.

Sorrentino — better known as "The Situation" from the one-time hit reality TV show "Jersey Shore" — was sentenced Friday to eight months in federal prison for tax evasion. Sorrentino previously pleaded guilty to one of the evasion charges the government filed against him.

According to a release from the Justice Department, Sorrentino, whose show popularized the phrase “gym, tan, laundry,” pleaded guilty to attempting to conceal thousands of dollars of income he made during his rise to stardom from the federal government to avoid paying taxes.

His brother Marc, who pleaded guilty to aiding the former reality TV star with the preparation of a false and fraudulent tax return, was sentenced to 24 months of prison time. The two were sentenced by a federal judge in Newark on Friday.

“Lying to and defrauding the federal government is a very serious crime, regardless of a defendant’s celebrity status,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Richard Zuckerman of the Justice Department’s Tax Division in a release. “The Sorrentino brothers chose to use Michael’s fame to benefit themselves at the expense of the American taxpayer, and with the help of our federal partners, they were held accountable.”