Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said Monday that he's asked White House officials to ensure that the FBI conducts a "real" and "fulsome" probe into the sexual misconduct allegations leveled at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, rather than one meant merely to provide political cover for Republicans.

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"It does no good to have an investigation that just gives us more cover, for example," Flake said during an appearance at the 2018 Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston, adding that he has called for a "real investigation."

"We actually need to find out what we can find out," the Arizona Republican continued. "Some witnesses and potential witnesses may not want to cooperate, but for those that can and those who we can compel to cooperate, we've got to do a fulsome investigation."

Flake, a crucial swing vote for President Trump's judicial pick, was the driving force behind an agreement last week to delay considering Kavanaugh's nomination on the upper chamber's floor until the FBI completes a supplemental inquiry into the accusations made against Kavanaugh.

"I don't want to politicize the court," Flake added, explaining his decision to reach across the aisle. "The Supreme Court is one of the last bastions of trust of an institution with which Americans have trust."

The FBI has been criticized by congressional Democrats for reportedly only targeting four people as part of their background check. The White House has denied limiting the scope of the investigation.