Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey is facing a lawsuit alleging religious discrimination.

The financial adviser and radio host is facing a lawsuit from a former employee who alleges that the company was "cult-like" and that he was fired over his unwillingness to adhere to Ramsey's beliefs about COVID-19.

"Lampo [Ramsey's company] terminated Plaintiff for taking scientifically prescribed precautions," alleges Brad Amos's lawyers in a complaint viewed by the Washington Examiner. "As required by his sincerely held religious beliefs, in the COVID pandemic rather than relying on prayer alone to protect himself."


The lawsuit, which Amos's lawyers filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee on Monday, alleges that The Lampo Group, better known as Ramsey Solutions, violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act by requiring employees to adhere to Ramsey's beliefs about COVID-19.

The complaint states that Amos, who worked as a senior video editor for Ramsey Solutions, holds strong convictions about caring for his family's health, which he describes as being high-risk. He requested permission to work from home. He was allowed to do so but was demoted to being an assistant editor because of it. Amos argues this is because of Ramsey's belief that adopting preventive countermeasures shows a "weakness of spirit."

"Lampo expected its employees to adopt the religious view of Mr. Ramsey that taking COVID-19 precautions demonstrated 'weakness of spirit' and prayer was the proper way to avoid COVID-19 infection," the complaint read. "In contrast, Plaintiff's religious beliefs required him to heed the advice of science to protect his family from a deadly disease."

Amos alleges that Ramsey Solutions is guilty of retaliatory discharge, religious discrimination, fraud, and negligent misrepresentation.

Amos is seeking past wages, compensatory damages, and any other appropriate legal relief that he may be entitled to.

"Mr. Amos' lawsuit has absolutely no merit," a representative for Ramsey Solutions told the Washington Examiner in a statement. "It appears its only goal is to smear Ramsey Solutions' reputation and extort a large settlement. Ramsey Solutions is fully prepared to defend this lawsuit and prevail."

Ramsey has been a vocal critic of Tennessee's vaccine mandates and masks requirements. He regularly claimed that the threat of COVID-19 was overblown, reports Religion News Service. The company had at least 100 positive cases of COVID-19 over seven months, potentially due to Ramsey Solutions requiring employees to work in the office from May 2020 onward.

When an anonymous employee reported the workspace over coronavirus concerns to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ramsey threatened to fire whoever reported Ramsey Solutions to OSHA because of their "lack of loyalty ... lack of class, and the fact that you are a moron and you snuck through our hiring process."


Ramsey Solutions is facing three additional federal lawsuits. One former employee sued the company because the person was fired over having premarital sex and getting pregnant. Another employee is alleging that she was fired over being gay. Ramsey Solutions also sued Mariott in April 2020 over its COVID-19 policies.

Ramsey has made a name for himself by offering advice on personal finances with a Christian perspective through his radio show, The Ramsey Show, and his books, including The Total Money Makeover.