A scuffle broke out during California Rep. Katie Porter's town hall on Sunday.

Some attendees brawled with supporters of former President Donald Trump, who loudly interrupted the congresswoman as she spoke at her family-friendly "Policy in the Park" town hall in Irvine, California.

Porter, a Democrat, claimed the melee was premeditated after Nick Taurus, her Republican challenger in the 2022 midterm elections, called on his supporters to "confront Katie Porter" in an Instagram post.


"Katie Porter is a far-left ideologue supported by Bay Area academics, the billionaire class and foreign lobbies! Her America Last policies are awful for the 45th district and we intend to voice our displeasure! Please join the Taurus Campaign this Sunday (07/11/21) at 2:30PM to demand AMERICA BE PUT FIRST and send Carpetbagger Katie back to the Iowa farm she came from! TOGETHER WE WILL DEFEAT THE GLOBALISTS!" he wrote.

Taurus, who participated in the confrontation, posted video of the incident depicting a chaotic outdoor scene in which one voice can be heard shouting, "Call the police! Call the police!"

The crowd then broke out into cheers as one person was taken away by officers.

A representative for the city of Irvine confirmed "an opposing group was being disruptive and supporters got involved" at approximately 3:45 p.m. Monday.

"One man was punched in the face which resulted in an adult male being arrested for assault and battery. The suspect was released from the scene with a citation," Sgt. Karie Davis of the Office of Public Relations for the Irvine Police Department wrote in an email to the Washington Examiner.

Porter called the incident "disappointing."

"It is disappointing that a small but vocal group of attendees, who advertised a 'confrontation rally,' created unsafe conditions at a planned family-friendly event," Porter said in a statement, according to multiple outlets. "While I absolutely respect their right to disagree, their disturbance disrespected all the families who attended and were ready to engage in a thoughtful, civil, and safe way."

Taurus called it a "crazy day," saying he only wanted to ask Porter questions.

"We went down there today. We were thwarted. We weren't allowed to basically participate in the democratic process that, you know, we're entitled to, and what happened was, is we started basically heckling and hassling her, and the reason why that was happening is because no recourse is given to us," he said, claiming there wasn't a question-and-answer section as billed.


Porter was first elected to represent California's 45th Congressional District in 2018, a year that saw dozens of Democrats win their way into office in a "blue wave" that removed Republican control of the House.

The district has a partisan voter index of R+3, meaning it is three percentage points more Republican than the rest of the United States has a whole, and the district is considered competitive for both political parties, according to the Cook Political Report.