A fifth person died after a gunman who repeatedly escaped law enforcement went on a "targeted rampage" on Monday, officials said.

Sarah Steck, 28, died at a nearby hospital Tuesday after being injured during Monday's shooting. She worked at the Hyatt House, a hotel in suburban Denver, Lakewood police spokesman John Romero said during a press conference.

"Based on what we know, it does appear that the offender was targeting specific people in this case. The victims were known to the offender. With the hotel clerk, we believe there may have been some issue with the hotel, not necessarily the specific person," said Denver Police Commander Matt Clark. "We believe he knew the people in general — I'm speaking specifically about the Denver connections."


Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen identified the suspect as James McLeod, 47, and said he was previously on officers' radar. They investigated McLeod, who died after an exchange of gunfire with officers, at least two times but never filed charges against him. He said the suspect's motive in this shooting is unclear, but officials are currently investigating.

After McLeod allegedly opened fire Monday, he was fatally shot by an unnamed female Lakewood police officer who was hit during a gunfire exchange with him, officials said. She was a three-year veteran of the police force and is in stable condition at the hospital, Pazen said.

Following the gunfire, the police were unable to pursue and believe the exchange disabled their vehicle, according to Clark. Lakewood police then confronted McLeod near a Wells Fargo bank, but he evaded them and continued to the Hyatt House, police said. The Lakewood officer shot him near the hotel, officials added.


The other four victims killed during the shooting spree include Alicia Cardenas, 44; Alyssa Gunn Maldonado, 35; Michael Swinyard, 67; and Danny Scofield, 38, the Gazette reported. Cardenas, Maldonado, and Scofield were killed near the Sol Tribe tattoo shop in Denver. Swinyard was killed near his apartment, the report added.

Officials say they are currently seeking any information that members of the public may have about the attack.