A female NCAA athlete is calling on athletes to fight for fairness in women's sports.

Madison Kenyon, a track and field athlete at Idaho State University, believes female sports in the United States are at a crisis point, according to comments she made Monday.

"My message is to let all the people out there know that right now, what we need is for people to speak up and take a public stance on this," she said. "The fact that biological males are still beating females in their own sport is insane, and the only [way] it's gonna stop is if we speak up."


Athletes and their parents need to go public with their experiences, write letters to officials, and take a stand, according to Kenyon.

"The only way to get fair competition is to fight for it and to not be silent," she said.

Kenyon began taking legal action after losing to a transgender athlete, according to her attorney Kristen Waggoner.

Kenyon's lawsuit is in the trial court, has already been to the Ninth Circuit, and will continue to go up, Waggoner said.

"The University of Pennsylvania, for example, right now, has a male swimmer who is about to shatter U.S. Olympic records, women's records," according to Waggoner. "It's wrong for women to be sidelined in their own sports, and it's wrong for colleges and universities to actually side with activists over their own athletes."

Kenyon hopes her lawsuit will restore a "level playing field" to female sports, she told Fox and Friends.

"I decided to do this because I had the experience to compete against a biological male, and I was beat five times," she said. "It's extremely deflating, and I know it's not fair."

Female athletes shouldn't feel silenced when faced with "unfair" transgender competition, according to Kenyon.

"It's not scary, and we have so much support," she said. "What we need now is just people to take that public stance."

No amount of testosterone suppressants will overcome a biological male's physical advantages over a biological female, Waggoner argued.


"We need to think about where this destructive ideology leads," the attorney said. "Women are being dehumanized by being referred to as birthing people or chest feeders. We're seeing parents who are really being shunned for teaching their kids that there are two sexes."