The federal government is not handing out vouchers for hotels or temporary housing, nor is it writing on-the-spot checks to survivors of Hurricane Michael.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said Monday any reports or gossip about these services being offered is fake news and likely being carried out by people looking to defraud victims.

The Homeland Security Department agency created a "Rumor Control Page"on its website to explain what it is doing to help people affected by the natural disaster and what issues people convey to law enforcement.

The first "rumor" FEMA lists is a claim that the government has left residents impacted by the storm to "fend for themselves." The agency's response, listed as a "fact," was that 1,500 personnel have been deployed to help with recovery efforts following the storm. FEMA said it has provided water, food, and other supplies to victims.

FEMA also denied claims it is writing checks to people in person and said employees at recovery sites will only provide physical resources, not cash or checks.

"Rumor: If Your Homes Are Deemed Unlivable, FEMA Will Issue Up To A 90 Day Voucher For A Place To Stay," FEMA wrote. "Fact: Those that apply for disaster assistance may be referred to FEMA and could be eligible for rental assistance if their home is unlivable. Rental assistance from FEMA lasts for an initial period of 90 days."

The same goes for hotel vouchers. FEMA said the government pays hotels directly for housing victims and does not put it upon the individual to relay a check or voucher.

Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida Panhandle as a Category 4 hurricane last Wednesday then moved northeast, leaving devastation in its path as the storm weakened over land.

DHS said Monday that more than 16,000 federal employees, including 8,000 military personnel, have been deployed to help with Hurricane Michael recovery efforts.

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