Facebook is reportedly cracking down on inaccurate information on voting requirements by blocking false information related to voting.

With the 2018 midterm elections less than a month away, Facebook is expected to announce sometime Monday that the social media platform will bar posts with erroneous information about voting and fact-check misinformation about polling stations. Moderators of “community standards” will be overseeing the implementation of the policy, Reuters reports.

The update was first unveiled by Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s cybersecurity policy chief, along with other executives.

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However, the social network is not blocking all false posts and misleading information about candidates or other elections issues will not be restricted.

“We don’t believe we should remove things from Facebook that are shared by authentic people if they don’t violate those community standards, even if they are false,” said Tessa Lyons, product manager for Facebook’s News Feed feature, according to Reuters.

Several weeks ago, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., requested chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg to explain how Facebook would prevent social media posts that would limit people from voting by spreading inaccurate information.