Eric Trump urged pundits not to politicize Saturday's shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, but did not deny the possibility of a link between the incident and heated political rhetoric used across the country.

“Well listen, there might be and there might not be," Trump told Jeanine Pirro on Saturday during her Fox News program. Pirro had asked Trump whether there was a "correlation" between political discourse, the shooting at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life Synagogue and last week's mail bomb attacks targeting high-profile Democrats.

"I think we should actually try to pull politics out of some of these things. This person doesn’t represent the Left. He doesn’t represent the Right," Trump said, specifically referring to Robert Bowers, the suspected synagogue shooter. "The person was sick, deranged. And again, I truly, truly hope if found guilty, which he will be, that he gets the death penalty,” he added.

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At least 11 people were killed and six others injured, including four police officers, when officials say Bowers, 46, walked into the place of worship Saturday morning and opened fire while making anti-Semitic statements. He faces 29 separate federal charges, including hate crimes. Of those charges, a majority are punishable by death.

The shooting follows Cesar Sayoc, 56, being arrested for sending about a dozen pipe bombs to some of Trump's political opponents, including former President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.