EXCLUSIVE — The Senate Democrats' campaign arm is taking aim at a policy plan proposed by the chairman of the Senate Republicans' own political operation, Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, which has drawn skepticism from the GOP Senate leader due to several controversial provisions.

A Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee digital ad targets National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Scott’s “11-Point Plan to Rescue America.” The digital spot highlights a heated exchange this week between Scott and Fox News's John Roberts over the proposal’s language calling for federal programs to be reauthorized every five years. Roberts noted in the Fox interview that this could lead to the end of Social Security and Medicare. Roberts separately noted that Scott's plan would lead to the imposition of income tax payments on millions of people because, under current rules, they don't make enough to owe the federal government money at the end of the year.

The ad, titled “It’s In The Plan” and set to ominous music, accuses Republicans of wanting to slash the social safety net and raise taxes. It features a clip of Roberts clapping back at Scott’s assertion that the host was using “Democrat talking points” on policy provisions clearly laid out in Scott's proposal.

The DSCC said the five-figure digital advertising campaign is slated to air in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The DSCC is looking to reach older voters in these swing states, each of which could play a crucial role in deciding who wins the Senate majority in November. Democrats currently hold a virtual majority in the 50-50 chamber thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris's tiebreaking vote.


“Fox News said it best: Senate Republicans’ plan raises taxes, ends Social Security and Medicare and spikes the cost of healthcare for hard-working Americans — and in 2022 voters will hold every GOP Senate candidate accountable for their unpopular agenda,” DSCC spokeswoman Nora Keefe said in a statement.

Scott defended his plan, arguing his policy proposals are being taken out of context.

“Senator Scott is a tax cutter — always has been, always will be," said Scott's communications director, McKinley Lewis, in a statement. "He cut taxes more than 100 times as governor of Florida and he’ll put his record of cutting taxes up against anyone in Congress."

Lewis argued it's the Senate Democratic agenda that would prove unpopular in the midterm elections.

“The DSCC has been irrelevant for years so we couldn’t care less what they waste their money on," Lewis said. "The Democrats’ agenda — skyrocketing prices on gas and everyday goods, appeasement, systemic socialism, open borders — is hurting American families.”


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell recently said Scott’s plan will not be part of the GOP’s agenda if Republicans win the Senate majority, which they lost in January 2021 with Democratic wins in a pair of Georgia runoffs.

“If we’re fortunate enough to have the majority next year, I’ll be the majority leader," McConnell told reporters. "I’ll decide in consultation with my members what to put on the floor. Let me tell you what will not be on our agenda.”

McConnell added, “We will not have as part of our agenda a bill that raises taxes on half the American people and sunsets Social Security and Medicare within five years. That will not be part of the Republican Senate majority agenda.”

The NRSC did not respond to a request for comment.