Famed pimp and HBO star Dennis Hof is likely to be elected to Nevada's state legislature, despite being found dead in one of the seven legal brothels he owned.

Hof, who was inspired to venture into politics by President Trump's meteoric rise to the White House, is tipped to win his November election as a Republican candidate for Nevada State Assembly's District 36, as he remains on the ballot in the GOP stronghold.

Hof’s campaign manager, Chuck Muth, told the Washington Examiner Wednesday Hof led Democratic challenger, Lesia Romanov, with 65 percent of the vote in an internal poll conducted in early August of 300 likely voters from both parties and independents. The survey was put in the field shortly after Hof beat two more establishment Republican rivals in the primary, including a three-term incumbent.

The district additionally has a 2-1 GOP registered voter advantage, Muth said.

"Dennis may also receive sympathy votes, as well as support from Republicans who may not have been comfortable with him and were considering leaving their ballot blank," he said.

Hof became a divisive figure in Nevada politics for his bombastic Trump-style strategy, an approach that helped overshadow Romanov.

While ballots have already been mailed, voters who show up to the polls will be reminded that Hof is no longer alive. Should Hof prevail, commissioners from Nye, Lincoln, and Clark counties will meet and decide on a GOP replacement who lives in the district to fill the two-year vacancy.

If successful, Hof will be far from the first official unable to claim victory from the grave. In the 2016 election alone, Gary Ernst was chosen as Oceanside City treasurer in California, despite dying of natural causes that September. Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan, a Democrat, famously beat incumbent Republican Sen. John Ashcroft in 2000 after dying in a plane crash ahead of Election Day.

Hof was found dead Tuesday in his Love Ranch brothel outside of Las Vegas by legendary porn star Ron Jeremy following a busy campaign schedule and celebrations for his 72nd birthday the weekend before. Some of the people he had partied with included Jeremy, Grover Norquist, ex-Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and the former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss, his longtime partner.

No foul play is suspected in his demise, but the cause of death is still to be determined.

Hof was facing charges of rape and human trafficking. He had denied all the allegations made against him.