Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents Washington, D.C., denied helping six zebras escape from a private farm in the suburbs of Maryland.

The Democrat released a tongue-in-cheek statement on Friday that did not explain why she felt she needed to comment — it was not immediately clear whether Norton was accused of liberating the animals — but she pointed out she "supports freedom generally," nodding to the push for the district's statehood.

“Local news has reported that the zebras were let loose on Saturday or Sunday of last weekend, a period of time during which I was enjoying quiet time at home with family,” Norton said.

“My alibi is solid, but given my career of fighting for statehood for the District, which includes years of explaining the importance of having consent of the governed, and given my recent opposition to fences, I can understand why the charge was made. I hope the owners find the zebras and that all involved live long, full lives," she added.

Aerial footage uploaded to social media this week shows zebras grazing in a field, according to WBAL-TV 11.

Animal control officials said the zebras are legally owned and apparently escaped, according to a local NBC affiliate News4. Officials added the animals escaped last week from a farm in Prince George's County, Maryland.


The Washington Examiner contacted the Office of Animal Services but did not immediately receive a response.