A dating app for fans of President Trump reportedly leaked its user database on its very first day.

DonaldDaters, an app for Apple and Android users, went live Monday morning to some rave reviews. However, as security researcher Baptiste Robert has pointed out, there was an easily exploitable vulnerability.

Robert, who goes by Elliot Alderson on Twitter, claimed that within five minutes he was able to obtain a list of all the app's users, as well as other information, including device type, private chats, and photos.

Alderson shared the database with TechCrunch, which reported that the data was exposed in a Firebase data repository. After reaching out to the app maker, the outlet reported that the data had been taken offline.

The entire database reportedly had more than 1,600 users.

The website for DonaldDaters, created by former GOP aide and publicist Emily Moreno, promises to "make America date again." A further description reads: "Donald Daters is an American-based singles community connecting lovers, friends, and Trump supporters alike. Many on the Left chose party over love stopping any date if the other user is a supporter of our president."

The website also claims all personal data will be kept private. "Yes! All your personal information is kept private. We encourage safe online dating so please be sure not to share any private information on your profile before vetting anyone you may be interested in meeting in our community," the website said in the "frequently asked questions" section.