Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw is not letting up on his candid criticism of fellow Republicans who he thinks are “grifters” who lie for personal gain without delivering conservative accomplishments.

“They know that the quickest way to a conservative’s heart is not necessarily to bash Democrats,” Crenshaw said on a Ruthless podcast episode released Thursday. “The quickest way to a conservative’s heart is to convince them that another conservative betrayed them.”

“That's really what gets an emotional reaction from people. And there are grifters out there who know this,” Crenshaw said.

His comments follow days of headlines from when he spoke at a weekend Texas Liberty Alliance event against unnamed Congress members who he said misrepresent his positions and those of his opponents.


He also took to Instagram to counter a barrage of activists angry that he and dozens of other Republicans voted for a bill to fund updates to immunization information systems. Some activists claimed it would create a federal vaccine database, and some members worried it would allow the government to track individuals’ vaccine status.

Crenshaw said the characterization was all wrong. The bill would not create a federal vaccine database, he said. Instead, it actually decreased the amount of money going to fund the systems and included guardrails to ensure information in already-existing state-based vaccine systems stayed anonymous.

The rift between Crenshaw and House Republican provocateurs reportedly prompted House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to tell his members not to attack each other publicly.

Crenshaw said on the podcast that voters should “be more skeptical about who the fighters are.”

“Winning in politics looks a lot like persuading people to your side. Ask yourself, if somebody claims to be a fighter, you know, and they're engaging in that political theater constantly, and it's fun, and like — and it gets our side, like, happy, it makes them think, ‘See? They’re up there representing me.’ But are they? What have they won for you?” Crenshaw said. “They've definitely alienated a lot of people, that's for sure.”

Crenshaw clarified he was not criticizing the Freedom Caucus as a whole, noting he likes Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.

“I was talking about a general group of people that exist on our side,” Crenshaw said. “Jim Jordan is one of these people who — he doesn't need to make a name for himself by trying to undercut his fellow Republican colleagues all the time.”


However, Crenshaw did call out one person: Lin Wood, one of the lawyers who filed numerous lawsuits alleging mass fraud in the 2020 election and who previously represented Kyle Rittenhouse following the Kenosha shooting.

“Nobody believed me when I said that before, until Kyle Rittenhouse also said it,” Crenshaw said, referencing the teenager accusing Wood of prolonging his jail time and giving him bad advice.