National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Stivers on Tuesday blasted Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, for actions and comments that are "completely inappropriate," especially after Saturday's fatal attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa.

"Congressman Steve King’s recent comments, actions, and retweets are completely inappropriate," Stivers said in a tweet. "We must stand up against white supremacy and hate in all forms, and I strongly condemn this behavior."

Stivers, R-Ohio, is the latest to criticize King after the Iowa lawmaker retweeted a comment about "Satan" George Soros, which many took as anti-Semitic and criticized even more after the synagogue shooting. King also gave an interview in August to members of the Austria Freedom Party, a group with ties to white nationalists, and endorsed Faith Goldy, a candidate for Toronto mayor.

Goldy was fired by a right-wing publications for appearing on a podcast hosted by the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi site. Goldy attended the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017.

King shot back at Stiver, tweeting a statement that referred to "attacks" that were "orchestrated by nasty, desperate, and dishonest fake news" and an effort by "Establishment Never Trumpers" to flip the House.

King told the Washington Post over the weekend that he is not anti-Semitic, but that has not halted the criticism over his past remarks.

On Tuesday, Land O'Lakes announced that they will no longer contribute to King due to his past remarks.