Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dismissed the idea that Republicans need to take steps to lower the rancor that has came to dominate congressional politics during Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation battle, and blamed Democrats for the harsher tone.

“I think Republicans need to continue to act just as they did,” McConnell said when asked how Congress can work better together. “It’s pretty clear what’s contributed to this atmosphere, and it’s not coming from the Republican side.”

McConnell pointed to Hillary Clinton’s comments Tuesday during a CNN interview when she said civility can only return when Democrats regain power.

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“When you have the last Democratic nominee for president saying incivility should continue until the Democrats win the House?” McConnell said. “For goodness' sake, I think we know who the culprits are here when it comes to the quality of the discourse in this country.”

McConnell said lawmakers witnessed “incivility on full display” last week, when thousands of activists swarmed Senate office buildings and even tracked down lawmakers at their homes and in restaurants to try to badger them into opposing Kavanaugh.

“Giving into that kind of behavior or condoning it is not on our agenda,” McConnell said.