Just two years ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was looking for a way to defeat Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary, and told colleagues they would “drop him like a hot rock” if the flamboyant real estate mogul won the nomination.

Two years later, McConnell is impressed with Trump's results, which include ushering in the most important Republican initiatives in a generation, and shifting the Supreme Court in a conservative direction for the first time in decades.

“This Congress has been the best two years of my time here,” McConnell told the Washington Examiner in a Capitol interview before the Senate left town to campaign ahead of the Nov. 6 election.

McConnell’s steered clear of discussing Trump’s presidential style when asked to explain how his view of Trump has evolved since rejecting his early candidacy in 2016. But he said he's measuring Trump by what he accomplishes.

“I look at the results,” he said.

Trump’s presidency has helped McConnell seal his legacy as the Senate GOP leader who confirmed two Supreme Court justices and a record number of lower court judges. That list includes 29 appointees to the powerful appeals courts, with more likely to come later this year.

McConnell also presided over passage of the first major tax overhaul in three decades, which included the GOP’s long-sought reduction in corporate, small business, and individual tax rates.

Republicans accomplished a third GOP priority by eliminating 18 government regulations they considered unnecessary or burdensome, by dusting off the rarely used Congressional Review Act. And they eliminated part of an Obama-era financial regulation law to help resuscitate small banks and credit unions.

Trump, McConnell pointed out, helped accomplish all of those victories both before and after taking office.

“He liked most of what was a traditional Republican agenda, has been supportive of that, and advocated much of it during the election,” McConnell said.

McConnell distinguishes Trump’s fervent followers with the traditional Republican base but said the recent confirmation fight over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a uniting factor for all Republicans.

“He has a fervent group of supporters that are very helpful to us,” McConnell told the Washington Examiner.

The Kavanaugh confirmation battle, he said, has created momentum in competitive red states' Senate races.

“It’s because the Supreme Court underscored why the Senate is important,” McConnell said.

McConnell isn’t interested in providing his analysis of the Trump presidency and has little to say about his leadership style.

“He’s got a unique personality, and obviously, he’s been a big success,” McConnell said.

McConnell almost always declines to comment on Trump’s regularly provocative tweets and statements, although he has repeatedly acknowledged he would prefer the president reduce his time on social media.

Whatever criticisms he harbors about the president, McConnell made it clear he won’t be working to defeat Trump in the next GOP presidential primary.

“I think he can go to the American people in 2020 and correctly claim extraordinary success," he said.