CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta sent a private message on Twitter to a former aide to first lady Melania Trump that said “Fuck you.”

The former Trump aide, Justin Caporale, took a screenshot of the message and tweeted it to his followers Thursday.

Caporale, who resigned from his post as the first lady’s director of operations in March due to issues with his security clearance, also allowed a reporter from the Daily Caller, Peter Hasson, to log into his account to verify the private message.

Acosta appeared to be provoked after Caporale mocked Acosta’s tweet about loud music at President Trump’s rally in Montana on Thursday.

“Tonight the Trump campaign/WH turned up the music so loud the press risers were vibrating. Nearly impossible to do live TV. I suppose the WH loves those kinds of shenanigans. But I wonder if it’s a security concern for USSS or local law enforcement. They can’t hear either,” Acosta wrote.

Caporale responded: “Dear Diary…..." Conservatives have made fun of Acosta's tweets by pretending they're part of his daily diary entries.

“Hey buddy I thought you were an old friend from the campaign days. I’m so sorry. Hope I didn’t offend you. Have a good night and take care,” Acosta wrote back.