Past tweets with gay slurs by CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins resurfaced Sunday, prompting an apology.

After the publication of this article, Collins apologized for her "immature" behavior in college.

The old tweets dating back to at least 2011 were reemphasized by observers on social media, including the gay Republican group Log Cabin Republicans.

In one tweet dated July 20, 2011, Collins replies to someone using the word "fag." In a June 8 tweet from the same year, Collins replies to someone saying, "idk if I want to room with a lesbian."

The acronym "IDK" is commonly understood online to mean "I don't know."

The tweets pre-date Collins' time at CNN. She worked at the conservative Daily Caller before CNN, but these tweets were from when she was in college at the University of Alabama.

One person who works close to Collins at CNN said to the Washington Examiner Sunday that they were "personally offended" by the old comments by CNN.

Collins has on occasion clashed with the White House, most recently last week when she asked President Trump questions related to then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh at a press conference the administration meant to center on a trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.