A senior CNN executive accused a conservative TV host, who once worked at CNN, of deliberately distorting the network's coverage on Sen. Elizabeth Warren's DNA test in order to "score cheap points."

Buck Sexton, a right-leaning host for The Hill's online TV operation, tweeted Tuesday afternoon that CNN was "blatantly complicit in the massive, unforced error Warren pulled yesterday." He was referring to Warren publicizing the results of a DNA test she took that showed "strong evidence" she had at least one distant relative who was Native American.

The results of that test have come under scrutiny, with critics charging that the the results — they said Warren could be somewhere from 1/64 to 1/1,024 parts Native American — showed that the Massachusetts Democrat was hardly qualified to identify as Native American.

Matt Dornic, vice president of communications for CNN, replied Wednesday to Sexton to say that the story on CNN's website was only a report on what the DNA test results said. "It’s almost like you didn’t read the article or watch our coverage," Dornic said.

"Just own your bias," said Sexton.

"Give me a break," replied Dornic. "You didn’t watch or read our coverage. You’re just shoveling shit on Twitter to score cheap points."

Along with publishing the DNA results in a report Monday for the Boston Globe, Warren also released a campaign-style video discussing the test and her family history. The video was widely believed to set Warren up for a 2020 run for president.

However, Warren received some harsh criticism from the Native American community. For instance, the Cherokee Nation said the move was “undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.”

Sexton previously worked as a political commentator for CNN, appearing on air and writing columns for its website. Since leaving CNN, he has become highly critical of the network.