Cher came to former Vice President Joe Biden's defense on Twitter, saying that she "was fine" with the hug Biden gave her in his office when she met with him to discuss her concerns on policies.

In the tweet, Cher said that while that she had no problem with Biden's embrace, he must do a better job of understanding women's boundaries and why women have come forward in recent weeks alleging the former vice president invaded their personal space and inappropriately touched them.

Eight women have spoken out about their uncomfortable interactions with Biden. In response, Biden released a video offering an explanation of his personality.

"Today, I want to talk about gestures of support and encouragement to women and some men, I've made them uncomfortable," Biden said in a video tweeted from his personal account. "In my career, I've always tried to make a human connection, that's my responsibility, I think. I shake hands, I hug people, I grab men and women by the shoulders and say, 'You can do this.' Whether they're women, men, young, old, it's the way I've always been."