Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk got into a shouting match Saturday with Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur during a Politicon event in Los Angeles.

Kirk faced off against the Young Turks' Hasan Piker in a debate on whether young people should espouse liberalism or conservationism. Towards the end of the event, Kirk challenged Hasan to reveal his salary when the discussion turned to socialism in the U.S.

"So Hasan, why don't you give 95 percent of your money away and go live on a commune?" Kirk said, pushing Hasan to "go live what you preach" after he spoke of the need for socialism for everyone, listing healthcare as a specific need.

Hasan mentioned how his "measly" salary wouldn't "push the needle" if he gave away 95 percent of it.

Afterwards, Kirk asked, "How much do you make Hasan?"

Admitting it was "embarrassing" with his boss present, Hasan revealed he makes $60,000 a year.

Within moments, Kirk jumped from his seat to shout at at Uygur. "I live like a capitalist every single day, Cenk!" Kirk yelled. "What do I do?" he continued, noting that he gives to charity every year. "What's my salary? Less than his."

"I practice what I preach. Cenk. You do not practice what you preach," he continued after sitting back down, adding that he is funded by "the grassroots of this country."

Later, on Twitter, Uygur answered a question about what he said that "triggered" Kirk.

"I asked him what his salary was. Same question he asked [Hasan]. I want to know how much it took for the richest people in the country to buy his services. He claims he took a risk to start his organization. How much risk is there to do propaganda for the rich?" he said in one tweet.

"He apparently thought it was a fair question since he asked it. But when I asked him, he flipped out. Why? Because he knows he’s an errand boy and it’s probably embarrassing how much he gets paid to do the bidding of the richest people in the country," he said in another tweet. "No, of course he didn’t answer. He gets triggered by that topic because it goes to the core of how fraudulent his organization is. They get paid by the wealthiest people in the country to push for tax cuts and deregulation under the guise of principles. It’s corruption defined."

Editor's note: This report has been updated to to correct a quote from Charlie Kirk. He spoke about giving to charity every year, not getting "dirty" every year.