President Trump said Saturday that he wouldn't allow the mass shooting in Pittsburgh to get in the way of his scheduled campaign event, suggesting it gave the gunman too much power.

"I don't want to change our lives for someone that's sick and evil, and I don't think we ever should," Trump said at a Make America Great Again rally in Murphysboro, Ill.

The president admitted that he considered not appearing at the Illinois rally to promote GOP candidates, and that he also considered canceling a speech at the Future Farmers of America event in Indianapolis earlier in the day.

"We can't make these sick, demented, evil people important ... When we change all of our lives to accommodate them it's not acceptable," Trump said.

He again reiterated his stance that the death penalty was an appropriate punishment for the gunman. Eleven people were killed in the synagogue attack, and six others were injured.

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In sharing his decision to continue with the MAGA rally, the president also focused on all of the people who had been waiting for him to speak at the rally, both inside the arena and outside the event space. The event was intended to support Republican Rep. Mike Bost’s re-election bid to the state’s 12th Congressional District.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to tone it back a bit. Is that OK?" Trump asked the crowd.

The crowd shouted back, "No!"