President Trump is laying a foundation to compete for Minnesota in 2020, with his designated super PAC debuting new television advertisements in two of the few House districts that Democrats stand to lose in the midterm elections.

The attack ads from America First Action, part of a long-term strategy to put Minnesota in play in the next presidential election, target the Democratic nominees in Minnesota's 1st and 8th Congressional Districts. Both seats, held by Democrats that are retiring, are fertile ground for Trump despite a history of voting for Democratic candidates.

"Minnesota is going to be important to our reelection efforts in 2020!" a spokesman for America First Action told the Washington Examiner in an email.

The new television spots are part of a $3.1 million investment in Minnesota that includes digital and direct mail advertising. Pickup opportunities for House Republicans are few and far between in an election cycle that has shaped up as a backlash against Trump, but Minnesota's 1st and 8th districts are at the top of their short list.

In Minnesota 1, America First Action is hitting Democrat Dan Feehan on healthcare, charging that he would support policies that put "Washington bureacrats in charge" and reduce access to Medicare for seniors. In Minnesota 8, the group is deriding Joe Radinovich as just another politician who supports higher taxes.

America First Action is investing in a limited number of House and Senate races this cycle.